Three Hong Kong supports Android zero-touch enrolment programme.

Three Hong Kong has become Google’s official device reseller partner for the Android zero-touch enrolment programme. This is a fast, simple and automatic deployment method that enables corporate customers to preconfigure settings, management and applications for various departments so mobile devices are up and running right out of the box.

This helps enhance operational efficiency and is just the latest in a wide range of unified endpoint management solutions offered by Three Hong Kong. The programme allows for a fleet of Android devices to be quickly and securely deployed, which reduces the dependency on IT support and simplifies the delivery and activation process.

Designated Android devices purchased from Three Hong Kong can be added to an organisation’s zero-touch enrolment account for configurations and set-up in the cloud. Applications can be automatically pushed to devices during set-up so that large numbers of mobile devices can meet the requirements of different teams without delay.

This one-stop solution for device management is free for Three Hong Kong’s corporate customers and is part of Three Hong Kong’s commitment to help customers work efficiently.