Three Plus

Launched last Christmas against a backdrop of the rising cost of living and competition from other rewards-based platforms, Three’s new loyalty app, Three+ has already made waves in the loyalty landscape.

In just 4 ½ months, 400,000 members have signed up, with over 500,000 offers redeemed.

The Three UK team curated a selection of customer-centric rewards at breakneck speed. In just 127 days, alongside hero partners Cineworld, Uber Eats and Live Nation, coupled with a killer CVM and owned channel strategy, they also achieved seven festival pre-sales, 22 rewards from brand partners and two surprise and delight giveaways.

Three’s rewards app is a key step in the broader brand strategy. The goal is to retain customers by offering them added value, and to give a nudge to potential customers considering the brand. Three wants to show that it has more pluses than simply price and network prowess.

As the platform expands, customers will be able to benefit from more leading brands and exclusive offers across food and drinks, entertainment, lifestyle, shopping, sport and wellbeing.

Find out more about Three+ here.