To Ho or not to Ho?

For most people, Christmas is a time of celebration and coming together. But for others, Christmas can be stressful and full of tacky decorations and Jingle Bells on repeat. Regardless, Drei is offering some great deals via a humorous campaign that will cheer its customers up.

In the first of three Xmas spots, two neighbours are pitted against one other. The Xmas fanatic wears his Santa hat, ugly Xmas sweater and apron while he meticulously decorates traditional Christmas treats. His nemesis, a Grinch-like character, begrudgingly barbecues sausages in the garden. The two might be at opposite poles when it comes to Christmas spirit but Drei shows that they have one thing in common – the chance to grab a great Xmas deal.

The offer gives customers access to a special “Ideal Xmas tariff portfolio” and top smartphones starting from 0 EUR.

Whether it’s a “Ho Ho Ho” or a “No No No”, Drei is targeting its regular customers, as well as business and SIM only. The campaign was launched in mid-November across all major communication channels including TV, radio, OOH, DOOH, POS, social media, online, SEA and direct marketing.

Watch the first Xmas campaign TV spot here.