Transforming industry.

With the year of the hardworking Ox now in full swing, what better way to usher in the Chinese (lunar) New Year than Three Hong Kong’s launch of dedicated 5G business solutions for leaders across different industries.

The initiative is far-reaching with support for diverse industries from construction and the garment and textiles sector to shopping mall management and even the performing arts.

Digital transformation is most certainly a buzzword for the 2020s but real transformation and integration of 5G and related technologies are no small feat.

In order to support more businesses to embrace the new normal, Three Hong Kong is assisting a number of customers to successfully apply for the government’s ‘Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G’. This initiative helps to reduce time to market as enterprises adopt 5G business solutions.

Three Hong Kong is offering ongoing support to the grant recipients and is also encouraging more enterprises and institutions to apply for the subsidy and implement 5G solutions.

Institutions who received the first round of grants include Mandarin Enterprises (International) Company Limited, Paul Y. Engineering Group, Fortune REIT and Hong Kong Dance Company.