Extending its ‘Trevligt’ campaign from 2021/22, Tre has aired new B2B and B2C campaigns based on the same long-running creative idea – but with executions tailored to each specific audience. 
For consumers, the overall message is “change to a Trevligt network” with extensions about adding another family member to your subscription and choose broadband from Tre. And for small business, it’s about taking up 5G and 3Abroad services. 
The B2C campaign happens at an American-style Rockabilly festival in a Swedish park, with 50s-inspired Cadillac-driving characters and a soundtrack straight out of Memphis – but everything takes an unexpected twist when two friends spot each other. The dialogue reprises previous Trevligt campaigns, but the hairdo’s are all new. See the TVC here.
Meanwhile, the B2B campaign – focusing on the speed of 5G and the benefits of phoning while overseas – happen in completely different settings, but with the same pay-off; “Trevligt”. 
This may only be the first time the Swedish telco has co-produced for the B2B and B2C channels, but the results have been spectacular. Despite significantly lower investment levels than previous years (on production and media) the B2C campaign delivered all-time high numbers against its main KPIs: observation, sender recall, message clarity and liking. And the B2B campaign also achieved uplift in scores for liking, sender recall and message clarity – despite a lower media investment, a third compared to previous budgets.  
Not only that, Tre got to present its master brand consistently to two different audiences, which can only be beneficial for overall awareness. How nice!