Tri Indonesia improves network to reach 200 million Indonesians.

On February 12, Tri Indonesia held a media event attended by national media, bloggers and communities. At this event, Tri announced network improvements, including increased speeds that are now almost 8 times the speed of the first-generation 4G LTE technology employed by the network when it was first introduced in 2016.

Along with its boosted speed, Tri has also expanded its network by establishing more than 9,000 Base Transceiver Stations in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The network currently covers 200 million potential customers in more than 300 districts, 3,000 sub-districts and 33,000 villages across Indonesia and the numbers are still growing.

These improvements reflect Tri’s commitment to support the progression of Indonesia, especially by

creating opportunities through the Internet to empower the Indonesian youth market. Tri believes that the youth is the key driving force behind the country’s advancement and will keep making improvements to ensure that all 10 – 24-years-olds nationwide can access the Internet easily and realise their ambitions.

Keeping the youth market in mind, Tri has also streamlined and tailored its product portfolio so users can enjoy the improved network. Its main product, AlwaysOn, offers a data quota that expires only when the card itself does, allowing customers to stay connected for longer. The product also comes with three different versions of TV commercials: entrepreneur version, gamer version and traveller version so customers can choose the one most relevant to them. The TVC can be viewed here.