Ukraine support

As a UNICEF Emergency Partner, Drei is offering aid and support to children and families affected by the Ukraine conflict. There are around 7.5 million children at risk. In addition to hundreds of thousands of children fleeing the country, fighting has destroyed homes, schools and cut off the water supply in many regions. UNICEF staff are on the ground assisting children and their families with the bare necessities.

Under the banner of their social initiative #DreiHilft, Three has donated 700 children’s emergency aid packages. Each kit includes a blanket, water purification tablets and emergency food supplies that last for three weeks for each child.

As well as appealing to their customers to make donations to support the affected children, Drei is providing free calls and SMS from Austria to Ukraine and vice versa. The offer applies to all private and business customers for an entire month.

Other nearby European countries including Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and the UK are also offering free calls and texts to and from the Ukraine, so that affected people can contact relatives and authorities.

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