Drei is taking mobile connectivity to the next level with its first-ever subscription based mobile app. The Up3 app offers unlimited 5G data, unlimited calls and SMS, with a sign-up process that is a no strings attached, commitment free deal.

With a start offer of € 25 instead of € 50/month and easy payments available via Apple Pay and Paypal, customers can can simply download the app, create a new eSIM profile and get started on the subscription. Better still, it can be canceled monthly and reactivited anytime within 12 months.

Drei made a conscious decision to reach a specific target market with its communications strategy, rather than the previous approach of reaching as many people as possible. The word ‘Up’ sounds like ‘ab’ in German, which means ‘starting from’. This wordplay formed part of the new comms strategy, alongside short and concise messages, and videos that work with or without audio, across different media channels.

Up3 has taken Drei to the next level, by targeting eSIM and 5G compatible devices, with a campaign that is optimised for digital channels and towards downloads.