Upgrading Network Perception

Despite social distancing guidelines and the real distance that often separates family members, Three Ireland has launched a new brand campaign to change its network perception in the eyes of current and potential customers..

Three Ireland has an impressive 99 per cent population coverage nationwide and is Ireland’s fastest mobile network. With its new ad, it’s hoping to show customers the benefits of its superior network and the ease with which they can connect to family members and loved ones.

It’s the story of a slightly Luddite farmer who receives a call from his more tech-savvy son. Their surroundings are different, the distance tangible, yet their connection is real and heartwarming.

In keeping with Covid restrictions and social distancing guidelines, the ad was filmed and produced entirely remotely.

In conjunction with the brand TV ad, Three Ireland ran regional county call-out campaigns in a number of counties across the country to drive awareness of Three’s coverage at a local level. You can check out the ad here.