Winning goals

the network that challenges perceptions of what’s possible, WINDTRE recently launched its new brand consideration TV campaign. The opening scene features professional female gamer, Francesca de Rita on a game console, saying “Videogames are for guys.”

WINDTRE’s goal as the ‘human network builder’ is to encourage people to overcome stereotypes and go beyond the norm.

And the new campaign does exactly that. Customers have a chance to test out the WINDTRE network entirely free for the first month, without any restrictions or obligations.

In the theme of breaking down barriers, Italian national wheelchair basketball champions, Chiara Coltri and Filippo Carossino, shoot hoops in the TV spot, as the narrator says, “To play basketball, you have to jump high.”

WINDTRE reminds us that, “the beauty of opinions is that they can be changed.” Their goal is to change consumer perceptions around their network and what it can offer. On air from mid February, the campaign gives customers the chance to choose any plan, no strings attached and free of charge for the first month.

You can watch the TV spot here.