Winning with branded content.

Christmas 2019 may seem a lifetime ago, but thanks to WINDTRE’s win at the Interactive Key Awards it’s fresh in the memory. WINDTRE’s winning short film ‘Inside Group Chats’ was produced in partnership with The Jackal – and takes a comedic look at the way we behave when we’re amongst friends – but only in the online sense. The film, which currently has over 1.2 million YouTube views, formed part of the brand’s festive campaign around Christmas wishes.

Branded content, as this film shows, can present rich storytelling possibilities without the typical limitations and parameters of TV advertising – one of WINDTRE’s heartland media. And when handled well – as this award winner goes to show – can perfectly complement the rest of the marketing mix, engaging audiences on a more entertaining and engaging level.

Congratulations to ‘Team Social’ at WINDTRE, who walked off with the illustrious award which was judged by advertising figureheads, psychologists, journalists and professors.

See the latest TV campaign from WINDTRE, featuring WebCube 4G+, 100GB and a family’s friendly neighbour Fiorello with his dog Lao. The campaign is made for holiday season – and promotes connectivity at a time when families leave the comfort of their connected homes behind.