Winter warmer

While Christmas is a festive time for many, the ensuing winter months can take their toll on those struggling to simply get a warm meal. For several years, Drei has warmed many a heart and belly with its #DreiHilftWinteraktion. In collaboration with the Catholic church’s social aid organisation, Caritas Austria, Drei’s Winter Help Action is a hands-on initiative where volunteers cook and serve bowls of soup for those in need of a warm winter meal.

In spite of some harsh weather conditions, the Drei team worked with the Canisibus crew to cook and serve a whopping 24,000 bowls of soup over a 13-week period to guests at the Canisbus. Even CEO Rudolf Schrefl got in on the action and joined Klaus Schwertner, Managing Director of Caritas Vienna, by cooking and distributing some of the first bowls of soup.

Drei customers were also able to feel good and contribute to the worthy cause through their steps program. For every 1000 steps made by a customer (by simply posting a screenshot of their pedometer), Drei donated one bowl of a soup. Guided by volunteers, soup was also transported to emergency shelters and day centres across Vienna via their electric transport bike.

Drei has also reacted swiftly to the humanitarian crisis in Syria and Turkey, assisting UNICEF Österreich as an emergency relief partner. Drei reached out to its customer base to partner up in donating to the thousands of victims affected by the earthquake, whose lives have been further complicated by freezing winter temperatures. Children are most at risk and Drei is contributing to emergency aid packages that include a blanket, water purification tablets and food for one child for three weeks. More information about the program can be found here.

To offer support to customers wanting to connect directly with family and friends in disaster zones, Drei is offering to credit all texts and calls made to Turkey/Syria between 6 – 28 February for both prepay and postpay customers.