Your life, your rules!

Launched on 25 May, Drei have further developed their Unlimited campaign, adding a 360° communication specifically targeting the youth segment. The goal is to win under-27s as new customers and, using social media channels like Tik Tok, the campaign addresses the audience with assets perfectly tailored to the platform. At the heart of the campaign is the song “Unlimited” by 2Unlimited.

Parents, school and the challenging situation of the past three years – everywhere you go as a young person you are subject to certain rules that are not always fun. That’s why Drei says “Your life, your rules – better live unlimited“. In a humorous way, Drei shows how young people can do their own thing with unlimited 5G data, escaping the limits of everyday life. Dancing is the main part of the commercials as it expresses joy, lightness and creativity without boundaries – because “There’s no Limit”.

The target group for the MyLife campaign is everyone up to age 27 – from kids to teens and students. To address the different age groups in the best possible way, Drei developed two messages that appeal to young adolescents on the one hand, and parents of the younger target group on the other. For the younger target group, it is primarily the parents who decide on the mobile rate plan for their kids. The main focus is on teenagers and young adults, hence advertising is weighted more heavily towards them. Simply unlimited: For everyone up to 27, the SIM-only rate “MyLife SIM Unlimtied” with unlimited 5G data, minutes, and SMS is available for a short time at a low €12.90 per month. Without commitment and without limits.