Welcome to the Three brand
website. Here you will find
the global brand guidelines
and assets.

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Why Three?

Our ‘3’ symbol was created to be universal,
recognised instantly regardless of language
or generation. Yet our name was designed to live
in any geographical location.

Today we’re Three in the UK and Ireland, Drei in
Austria, Tre in Sweden and Tri in Indonesia.

Consistent yet adaptable, simultaneously –
just like our approach to business. Three
represents the world we exist in.

A world of three-dimensions; open, unrestricted
and anything but flat. Because we are a brand
that sees beyond limitations and rules, into
opportunity and possibility.


Bold and confident, we use the Three logo freely
within all formats. Small, large, even cropped, it
demonstrates the confidence of our brand,
and its ability to shape-shift to best serve the
media. Please refer to the logo usage
section of the guidelines for more info on how
to make the best of our logo.



Helvetica Bold is our brand font. Timeless, it is
an uncontested champion, allowing us to create
impactful typographic arrangements,
while remaining simple and approachable.

Alive with

Three is a black and white brand, with
colour at
its core. Local colour
palettes are wonderful
spectrums of
colours that help Three express
difference in all markets, while
retaining its
meaning. Gradients are
rendered in 3D, giving our colour life
and movement, and taking full
advantage of the digital space
Three lives in.

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