3, Robot

“We are carrying out disinfection to provide a safer shopping environment,” signals the new robots deployed in 10 ParknShop flagship stores across Hong Kong.

3 Hong Kong is placing ‘Smart Disinfection Robots’ as a precautionary measure to alleviate the spread of coronavirus, and provide customers and frontline workers with a more hygienic and safe shopping environment.

The robots are programmed to carry out disinfection tasks at the supermarkets following pre-set paths, with self-navigation and the ability to detect obstacles. Moreover, by interfacing with the 10.1-inch touch screen, the robot also has humanoid capabilities and can serve as a promotional ambassador for the store, providing versatile functions like guiding customers and handling queries.

The robots are connected to 3 Hong Kong’s strongest 5G network to avoid external interference and ensure smooth operation, with no impact on the POS network connection and data security.