Analysing Travel Trends

With the rollout of Coronavirus vaccines across Europe and the easing of travel restrictions, the lucky Danes have recently been setting foot abroad. Data from 3 Danmark shows that customers’ use of data and speech increased in Spain, Italy and France.

3, alongside mobility analysis company Teralytics, is proud to partner with Danish State Railways (DSB) to provide anonymised and aggregated data from 3’s mobile network. This data will help DSB understand the Danes’ travel patterns and habits.

As global frontrunners in the green transition, Denmark plans to be 100 per cent independent of fossil fuels by 2050. Hence, mobility data can be a crucial tool in the country’s green transition.

The collaboration will help DSB confirm or deny what used to be assumptions and to form a more solid basis for decisions, so they are better able to adapt to passengers’ needs and to use their resources optimally.