Counter Attack

Recent high-profile cyberattacks have been cause for alarm. Moreover, they highlight the need to protect all parts of an organisation’s network, including mobile phones.

The 3Mobile Protect solution is being quickly adopted by organisations like Donegal Education and Training Board, who decided to take a proactive approach to safeguarding the company from fraud and attacks.

In the wake of the HSE attack, workers are more vulnerable and staff reported getting text-message phishing scams and links to malicious websites sent to their phones on a daily basis.

As staff mobile usage increased at Donegal ETP, management worked with Three to secure 197 mobile phones provided to staff who use them to access work emails when working remotely.

With an easy installation and set-up process, 3Mobile Protect was deployed to all mobile devices within a few hours, without requiring an external service provider or taking up extra resources. 3Mobile also acts as a firewall, protecting them whether the traffic is on mobile networks or WiFi.

“Donegal ETB is very proactive when it comes to technology and security,” said Ken McGrath, Three’s Head of Public Sector sales. Within minutes of going live, 3Mobile Protect was able to identify one device that was infected with malicious software. “It successfully blocked more than 5,000 separate network traffic requests. Within the first 24 hours, the software detected and blocked 1,600 other attempts to breach security,” he said.

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