Don’t fall for that!

Unsolicited calls may be a thing of the past as Three Hong Kong combats scammers and spammers with the launch of its comprehensive mobile security services. In line with the Office of the Communications Authority and the Hong Kong Police Force, Three’s ‘Incoming Calls Management Pack’ will provide customers with greater mobile security.

The pack, comprising two value-added services, ‘Anti-scam’ and ‘Call Block’, benefits customers by identifying and blocking nuisance or scam calls.

The Anti-scam service filters registered lists of scam calls, as provided by the Police and Three. The service automatically identifies and blocks fraudulent calls on the mobile network, minimising the risk of scamming. The Call Block feature allows customers to set up both an authorised list and a blacklist of phone numbers. In turn, customers can block any unknown incoming calls and review their call block records.

Customers can simply register for the service – no apps required – for a fee of HK$18 per month.

The good news for Three’s senior citizen customers is they qualify to access this service free-of-charge as part of their plan. Central to Three’s corporate social responsibility (CSR), Three wants to support and protect the elderly from phone scams. Three is the first mobile operator in Hong Kong to provide seniors with the Incoming Calls Management Pack for free.

Three is also enforcing the call from Hong Kong Police, by sending text messages to customers to alert them to the very real risks of being scammed. On its website, Three is sharing government-authorised information on how to prevent phone and online scams. Three stores are displaying anti-scam tent cards and distributing anti-scam leaflets to remind customers to stay vigilant at all times, as the losses can be high.