Effies glory

Even if you’ve been living on a desert island, you’d probably still have heard how successful Three’s campaign ‘The Connected Island’ has been over the last couple of years. It’s scooped major prizes, done wonders for the brand and received all kinds of media coverage for its sheer ambition, scale and delivery.

The latest in a series of awards is the B2B Gold at the European Effies. As the awards that stands for Effectiveness (or Ideas That Work), there can be few wins that say so much for a marketing initiative – and few that receive such widespread global attention.

The Connected Island was the only campaign nominated in the B2B category, and it was also nominated for the Global Best of the Best Effie Awards.

The campaign, which originally launched in 2019/20, centres on the formerly remote island of Arranmore, where emigration had drained the population and the lack technology provided no real incentive for young people to move to, or work there.
That was until Three Business got involved – using connectivity to transform local people’s lives – with an ambition to turn Arranmore into the most connected island in the world.

Find out more about the campaign right here