Get Smart

With its recent work in diversity, inclusion and gender equality, and its move into energy and insurance, WINDTRE has been quickly establishing its credentials as much more than a mobile phone operator. And now, it’s setting its sights on the next big innovation – the growth and investment into smart cities.

Through its commitment to ESG pillars, WINDTRE was able to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% compared to 2020 and 40% compared to 2017 and aims to eliminate net emissions by 2030.

As cities are responsible for around 60% of global emissions due to heating and mobility, WINDTRE’s next big step is supporting the digital and sustainable urban transformation of Italian cities with the ‘Smart City Project’ to improve the environment and the health of citizens. The change will be driven by digital technologies, Big Data, AI and IoT supported by the 5G network as a key enabling factor. 

The main application of services to be offered by WINDTRE, based on data collected by the mobile network, include; smart and sustainable tourism, smart public and private traffic and parking systems, mass communication and alerting systems, monitoring and management of energy consumption, environmental monitoring and waste management, and local security and smart lighting.

Head of Transformation & Development Office, and Sustainability Ambassador for WINDTRE, Stefania Matrone, says, “Our company is offering itself as an advisor alongside local authorities, and as an enabler capable of co-creating the digital and ‘green’ transition of Italian cities, by extending, strengthening and modernising the infrastructure in a sustainable and inclusive way.”

Smart city applications, based on IoT and big data analytics (AI), supported by 5G networks and digital technologies, now have the power to transform cities and improve the environment and quality of life for many citizens. Smart city applications will result in massive reductions in city traffic congestion and costs, urban pollution costs, and CO2 emissions.