Hybrid Art

Three gave its full support to Art Basel Hong Kong 2022, allowing exhibitors and visitors to connect with one another and the art world via Hong Kong’s strongest 5G network. Held in the last week of May at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the internationally renowned art event has a 50-year legacy and was first launched in Hong Kong in 2013.

This year, in light of ongoing pandemic issues, Art Basel Hong Kong offered a hybrid format – offering both offline exhibition experiences and online events via its digital platform such as Online Viewing Rooms (OVRs), livestreamed videos, virtual tours, and multilingual VIP and public walkthroughs.

In its capacity as Hong Kong’s most reputable 5G mobile broadband service provider, Three ensured home viewers and global audiences could partake in Art Basel Hong Kong. As well as the exhibition, the event included artist talks and panels from prominent members of the international art world. By integrating with advanced technologies, art pieces were also shown in a new and innovative format.

HTHKH Executive Director and CEO Kenny Koo said, “Three Hong Kong has been promoting art tech development in recent years. By launching NFT art exhibitions and participating in different art events, we encourage the public to pay more attention to art tech. This time, we are supporting as a 5G mobile broadband service provider of Art Basel Hong Kong 2022 to provide solutions and technical support to the organiser. Through our strongest 5G network in Hong Kong, plus flexible and efficient 5G mobile broadband, we can unleash the power of 5G by facilitating more than 130 top-notch art galleries from 28 countries to broadcast the exciting event to the world.”

As well as supporting the growth of art tech, Three will continue to leverage its 5G network to support diverse local and international exhibition venues, with events and activities running smoothly via Three’s high-speed and low latency network.