Innovation with Impact

CKH IOD, the Innovations, Opportunities and Development arm of CKHH, kicked off their session with their thoughts on the importance of true innovation – whoever came up with the idea first is much less important than who made the impact.

Highlights of CKH IOD’s impact include creating mobile handsets with new brands and vendors, launching the first industry cloud core network in Europe, implementing a £2 million smart ‘Matrix’ for electric cars, and creating a new 5G private network at Port of Felixstowe.

Next, years into the 5G global journey, CKH IOD showed why telcos need to be much more than just network operators if they want to compete with internet businesses.

The challenge lies in how to diversify and evolve into a different type of business amid the myriad technical, legal and ethical challenges. As the 5G/6G ecosystem evolves, CKHH telcos will need to seize opportunities in areas such as fully immersive 3D and metaverse experiences.

Finally, Three Group Solutions, whose mission is to deliver digital products and services that connect the digital and physical life needs of customers, presented their achievements – including developing mobile financial services (MFS) and new payment methods, AR & VR, GoPlay content delivery platform, the Utility Project brand, and W3 Mobile security Pro+ app.