Italy’s biggest telco brand launches its new look to the public.

The i’s have been dotted. The t’s have been crossed. The WindTre brand, a union between two of the nation’s big telcos, launched via a digital event on 6 March. It’s the penultimate stage of a merger process that began back in late 2016, with infrastructure integration and a planned five-year, €6billion investment in the new combined network.

WindTre’s new visual identity, conceived through a long-term collaboration with WHAM, CK Hutchison’s international brand group, unites elements of both former brands, but draws heavily on the recognisable vivid orange of Wind. The brand itself is envisioned as a family-friendly but future-ready provider; the best of both worlds for customers and businesses across Italy. That essence is captured in a visual ‘connection’ between ‘W’ and ‘3’, which comes to life through animation.

WindTre now becomes Italy’s most popular mobile operator, with a combined 27.1 million mobile customers and a market share of 30.8%, overshadowing competitors TIM, Vodafone Italy and Iliad.
WindTre also has 2.7 million fixed line customers, and a 13.2% market share.

WindTre’s official first day of operation on 16 March.