New world-ready.

On 13/14 October, the CKHH telco brands will reunite virtually, with a forum agenda focused on achieving growth and popularity in the new world.

How can the CKHH brands reach out further and attract a more diverse customer group? What can we learn from brands that are already excelling in this respect? What does it take to sustain a big and successful brand in a world that’s rapidly changing around us? These are all questions that will be addressed – and with two days of intensive collaboration planned between our family of brand leaders, the future of our telco group is in the safest of hands.

Special guest Kenny Koo, CEO of Three Hong Kong, will give a keynote talk about innovation in the fast-moving Hong Kong market, and his brand’s role as a digital lifestyle enabler. Also attending will be guest speaker Steve Arkley, to recount his experiences as VP of Global Marketing at Budweiser, one such brand that has flourished in the face of intense market competition and disruptive global challenges brought about by the pandemic. There’ll be updates from all our telco markets, a CKH IOD update from Joe Parker and strategy and sustainability keynotes from CKHH and WHAM.

See the full agenda here:
If you’d like to attend the CKHH Telco Group Brand Forum, and have yet to register, please contact Darren Edwards at