Not business as usual

In its new Business TV campaign, WINDTRE boldly tells consumers WINDTRE is “not suitable for businesses.”

The goal of the new brand campaign is to grow awareness and consideration among potential business customers, and to promote top-of-mind awareness as a reputable fixed-line operator. W3 Business wants to be perceived by clients as the partner that lives up to their business goals and expectations.

In line with WINDTRE’s playful marketing approach and slogan, “The good thing about opinions is that they can be changed,” the TV spot features two business clients who discuss the advantages of working with WINDTRE as a business partner.

Whether fibre or mobile 5G clients, 800,000 companies have chosen the WINDTRE network to improve their businesses. Positioning itself as “a trusted agent,” WINDTRE has also joined the voucher plan promoted by Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) to accelerate the digitisation of small and medium sized businesses in Italy.

In the new campaign, WINDTRE is offering business clients a connectivity voucher of up to €2,500, and offering reassurance that they “will handle it all.”

Watch the new TV campaign here.