One-click verification? Tick!

After a series of customer wins in 2020, Vietnamobile has added another string to its bow by partnering with mobile authentication company IPification. Vietnamobile has deployed the Hong Kong based company’s bank-grade user verification and fraud prevention platform to offer greater security for its customers.

Deputy Director at Vietnamobile, Ruchira Hewage said, “We are proud to put Vietnam on the Mobile ID map and place Vietnam mobile authentication at the next level. Vietnamobile, especially during the last two years has been at the forefront of bringing innovation to the mobile industry of Vietnam and this is just another reason why Vietnamese consumers must own a Vietnamobile SIM.”

The move was prompted by a 25% annual rise in online transaction volume over the past three years. Hewage says “it’s an honor to partner with IPification, the pioneer in the industry for mobile authentication.”

IPification CEO Stefan Kostic noted that online activities of users globally are skyrocketing and they are proud to have Vietnamobile as the first operator from Vietnam on their books.

The company verifies users through a unique mobile ID comprised of a phone number, SIM card and device data, and authenticated via the IP address. Users will now be able to use secure and seamless IPification, one-click authentication and user verification instead of relying on the historically insecure SMS OTP authentication.