Saving Lives

Tre Sweden recently announced the winners of its 5G Sustainability Awards, with startup Buddywise winning first prize for its system to make dangerous workplaces safer. Using a combination of AI and smart cameras across the 5G network, the system learns to detect and warn of potential dangers in the workplace. Every day, thousands of people die in workplaces around the world, but less than one percent of all physical hazards are detected.

Innovation has always been part of the Swedish spirit with inventions ranging from the three-point seatbelt to the Pacemaker. But the 5G Sustainability Awards are at the cutting edge of pairing technology with sustainable and smart solutions, showing how the power of 5G can – and will – contribute to a more sustainable world.

Awards entries included using IoT for the digital supervision of grazing animals, AI for heart, breathing and circulation monitoring, and refill robots to replenish consumables and reduce packaging.

As well as startup capital of SEK 100,000, Tre will continue to mentor Buddywise. Second place and a SEK 50,000 prize went to Consenz, to help develop its idea of using 5G to connect car fleets for safer and greener mobility in smart cities. Bronze prize with SEK 25,000 was awarded to Dronest, for its 5G-connected drones that will be the first responders on accident sites and in emergencies.

All entries show the Swedes’ commitment to improving lives and building a greener future. Tre will continue to provide a superior 5G network and work directly with new companies to give them the extra speed required to realise their innovative ideas.