Tech to Connect

The 3Business team recently joined Ms. Jess Mak, Senior VP of Enterprise Market, Three Hong Kong, at the “Tech To Connect Conference”, to highlight the benefits of 5G. She said that 5G not only enhances the user experience by using high-speed mobile data services, but has also demonstrated its strength in the enterprise market. 

As part of the conference organised by the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Chamber, Jess launched her topic, “Unlocking 5G Smart Applications: Brings the Future to Present.” She presented Three’s pioneering 5G applications, namely 4K live broadcast, cable-less smart carparks, real-time video analytics, robotics and AR/VR for field operation.

The 3Business team actively introduced forward-thinking business solutions to enable digital transformation, improve efficiency and productivity, and maximise opportunities resulting from the new normal.

Recently Jess also attended the “Cultural Leadership Summit 2021”, organised by the Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association. She said that 4K live broadcasts, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies will transform traditional art activities into O-2-O hybrid events, thereby catering to a wider audience.

She encouraged the arts and literature sector to actively embrace 5G. She stated that the fusion of 5G and art undoubtedly holds vast and limitless potential, especially in the area of art technology.

Jess and the 3Business team continues to support the government’s “Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G” (extended until 31 July, 2022).

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