Three UK brings 5G to London Fashion Week.

To celebrate its 5G rollout, Three UK has partnered with Central St Martins to present the fashion show of the future.

Invitees to this very special MA fashion show, featuring the work of upcoming graduate designer Paolo Carzana, will see more than the cuts and colours of next season. They’ll hear, feel and even smell visionary style with 3D audio, haptic feedback, a 46-meter projection of the length of the runway and an array of aromas.

And the show culminates with top model Adwoa Aboah sitting on the front row while simultaneously strutting down the runway as a 5G-fuelled, high-definition, full-sized, digitised version of herself. Thanks to 106 synchronised cameras, a 3D volumetric version of the Vogue cover star has been created to showcase just how 5G can transform the fashion industry.

Thanks to 5G, future fashion shows can become truly immersive experiences, models can walk multiple shows and it’s also great news for sustainability: scaling down travel requirements and drastically reducing waste by cutting the number of sample outfits required.

This is just another example of how 5G can transform the way we live our lives, reinventing home, work and even the very nature of entertainment.