Xmas bloopers.

In our dreams, every Christmas would be perfectly unique and utterly magical. In reality, however, it’s the same bloopers, fails and mishaps on repeat, year after year – bad wrapping, dodgy Christmas decoration installations, collapsing Christmas trees… things don’t always go to plan. But Drei Österreich is a brand that likes to see the funny side.

Presenting the Drei 2020 Christmas campaign, launched on the 12 November across all major communication channels including TV, OOH, Digital OOH, POS, social media, online, SEA and direct marketing.

The campaign aims to bring a smile to customers faces, by playing out some of the bloopers we all know too well. But Drei says “Macht Weihnachten einfach entspannter” (make Christmas simply relaxed) with a host of offers on smartphones and data plans.

The campaign centres on four TV spots, directed by famous Austrian director Michael Ostrowski – well known for his ability to lighten the mood. An ambitious Christmas lighting project, a gingerbread house drama, and a Christmas tree all go slightly wrong. But it’s OK because Drei has everything arranged, for a simple, relaxing Christmas.

See a couple of the spots here:

The campaign resolves on the familiar Drei claim ‘Macht´s einfach’ (make it simple) delivered, as ever, by its customers.